All about Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering is widely used to decorate the interior walls of the stores, business banners, glass windows, front of your stores, you car and offices. It is a preferred item especially in the format industry due to its attributes like durability and a wide range of colors to pick and choose from. Vinyl lettering is often referred to as Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC in short form. A material called plasticized vinyl is used for vinyl lettering. These are rolls of vinyl where intricate patterns are printed for producing designs as well as other details.

There are various types of vinyl lettering that are easily available in the market today. These vinyl lettering are usually available in weather proof and brightly colored vinyl materials that are known for their high performance and can be conveniently used in different applications. There is some vinyl lettering that is quite cheap and can be used for elementary purposes but is durable while there are other forms of vinyl lettering that can be quite expensive but are unique in form. Here are some of the different types of vinyl lettering.

Vinyl lettering with special effects- This is an eye-catching vinyl film that has multi-lens and holographic effects. This type of material is usually used in the interiors as it looks quite similar to a metal’s appearance. Though it looks attractive and can be used for special purposes, while used outdoor, it can last only up to a year.

Vinyl letters with fluorescent finish- This type of vinyl lettering comes with a luminous and bright shine making it look very attractive. However if it is exposed to ultra violet rays, its fluorescent pigment might get washed out. So it is imperative to note that you use this type of vinyl lettering only for short duration business promotion.

Vinyl that glows in the dark- This is one of the special kinds of vinyl lettering and is simply perfect for being used in dark or inadequately lit walkways.

Intermediate Vinyl Graphics- If you require temporary or short-duration exterior signs, this vinyl lettering is ideal for that. However, you must remember that they tend to shrink and are not as durable as high performance vinyl film.

High performance cast- This particular vinyl film can last for at least 2 years and are widely used on road signs, vehicles and storefront.

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