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Is There a Sense of Visual Balance in Your Web Design?

Web design is meant to give your visitors a soothing experience along with triggering call-for-action. A balanced design is something that feels good to the eyes and has a sense of consistency within it. In one word, Balance is synonymous to harmony.

You know what balance is, but when you hear about visual balance, it might seem a bit tricky. A web design without balance looks out of proportion and has a bad impact on the person viewing it. When talking about balancing web-designs you will come across the following terms:

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Web Design Myths – It Is Time Break Free From Those

Modern day gadgets tend to make life smooth and hassle free. The primary reason for that being, with the help of gadgets, you have an easy access to everything around you. The easy accessibility towards the things that you need to be aware of takes place with the help of the Internet and the responsive web design. This is one design trend that all major web designing companies have started embracing. Responsive web design has started growing to enhance user experience so that the web page layout can easily fit into any gadget the user is using to view the website. Continue reading

It Is Time To Avoid The Most Common Web Design Mistakes

In case of a small web design company, they rely big time on their official website when it comes to attracting target audience and making the sale. Therefore, it is important that the official website that the small business creates is bang on. In such cases do you think they can afford making any mistake? Well, your guess is absolutely right and they cannot make any mistake when it comes to creating their website. Continue reading