Why Should You Use Boat Graphics and Decals?

Trendy boat graphics and decals are becoming very popular these days since these make your watercraft stand out in the ocean. Boat owners customize their boats with various types of graphics and decals to enhance its looks and attract attention from others. Add unique and trendy graphics or add customized lettering to make your boat appear different from others.

High quality vinyl graphics are available from well-known companies that offer boat signage design services so that graphics last longer and don’t fade away or peel off with water. Boat graphics can also be used for advertisements. If you own a business and wish to popularize it, you can paste logos or the products you offer. You can also add the company name and contact details. Boat graphics and decals also look great if you’re participating in boat race or organizing an event out at the sea. These are sure to grab attention.

While you can have professional help while applying decals, you can save a lot of money if you have it done yourself. Whether you want to upgrade to a new style or change the boat name, you will have to get rid of the old graphics first and then apply the new ones. To start with determine the type of surface from where you need to remove the graphics. Though there are several methods scraping and soapy water is the safest for most surfaces. First spray the decal with soapy water and then with the help of a scrapper (a plastic – scratch free – scraper is recommended) start slicing the edge of the decal. You may be lucky if you can pull off the decal all at once or you may have to repeat the process many times. Just keep checking the area contains enough soapy water.

Once you remove the decal, you would require some solvent to remove the remaining adhesive on the boat surface. Always remember to use solvents that dissolve adhesive without damaging the finish coat. Clean and pat dry the surface after removing the entire leftover adhesive. Now you are ready to apply new graphics and decals.

All you need to do is buy affordable and long lasting boat graphics and decals from your nearest boat signage design solution providers in NSW and apply it to your boat. Place the decal face down on the boat’s flat surface and firmly rub the area containing the graphics with help of a squeegee or any flat item. Put the pressure from the center and move towards the edges. This ensures the decal to be attached completely without flaws. All done, you boat is now ready for show off!

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