High Security | Premium Quality | Australian Made

Waterdale Secure Gaming chips are manufactured using overmoulding technology from purpose specific proprietary plastics that include repellent agents to create chips that are strong while being soft to dealers hands and resistant to any buildup of dirt and grime.

Chips Decal Value Chips are available in a wide range of designs and colours. Waterdale Secure Gaming’s in-house design and tooling team will work with you to customise as required.

Chip Security

  • Australian chip design by experienced engineers.
  • Indecipherable and unique chemical barcode in every chip.
  • Strong UV pigment plastic material.
  • Tamper proof & licensed 13.56MHz RFID.

Decal Security

  • Complex, multi-level Optical Variable Device.
  • Visible & invisible UV security markings.

Manufacturing Security

  • All employees must pass an Australian police check.
  • 24-hour surveillance.
  • Zoned departments & electronically restricted access.
  • Tooling is done in-house and stored in secure areas.
  • Strict batch control, records & authorized destruction.


Acrylic Tray

Vacuum Tray

PP Hex Tray

DNA Reader

Laser Trace

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