We are true lock makers who manufacture and control quality for every aspect of every lock, from start to finish. Our emphasis on research and development ensures you of the most advanced technology and materials. Headquarted in Tokyo, Japan, MIWA is a family-owned company comprised of 1,562 employees who are dedicated to your security needs. MIWA’s U.S. offices are located in Irvine, California.
Since 1945, MIWA Lock Company, Ltd. has grown to become Japan’s foremost provider of high-performance locks and security systems. Today, our reputation for quality and reliability has made MIWA the choice of leading hotel chains around the world.

From the first offline electronic hotel locking system, which MIWA developed in 1981, to today’s flagship product, the dual-card technology AL5H system, MIWA sets the global standard for programmable lock technology.

Outline of LS10-MG series

• High security cam lock with special key change mechanism for us in Vending Machines and Casino Gaming Devices
• Superior operational performance and anti-picking due the use of sidebar technology
• Key codes can be changed on the fly with a simple turn of the old and then the new change keys
• Lock dimensions are based on the Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association Standard S size, and also fits the U.S. Double “D” cut for Gaming Machines
• Easy operation of keys with almost no binding on insertion and removal, thus reducing key wear and extending product life
• Both Keys and Locks can be serial stamped for simple tracking and auditing
• When changing the key code on the lock, the tail and cam remain in the locked position, thus maintaining security and improving efficiency
• Locks are shipped with an “off-floor” code for lockable functionality during set-up or EGM factory installation and ready for immediate code change

• Disk tumbler method with side bar(10 lines tumbler, 4 different increment)
• Practical key combinations: Approx 634,000
• Turning direction (R or L) can be changed

• Patented key ward prevents unauthorized key duplication
• User friendly reversible key for easy insertion
• Keys are made of nickel-silver for increased durability
• User friendly reversable key for easy insertion

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